The bottom line results from the NLRB "quickie" or "ambush" election rules indicates the rules have truly sped up election dates, but election results are not changing much.  NLRB data shows that unions are winning elections about 66% of the time, both the before and after the effective date of the quickie election rule in 2015.  It does show that the length of time from the filing of the petition to the election date has been reduced dramatically, from around 39 days during the year before the rules took effect, to about 24 days the following year.  The data also shows that unions having the quickest elections had the higher win rate, and in election dates held within two weeks or less of the filing of the petition, unions won 82% of the time.

Surprisingly, the number of workers actually organized by unions as result of these elections was the lowest in four years, according to the published data.  One of the reasons is that the elections are generally being held in smaller voting units.  That is, while there may be slightly more union elections, the numbers of employees that are voting in these elections are actually less than they had been before the effective date of the rule. 

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