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Sexual Harassment & Other EEO Issues: Please contact us for additional information on pricing.

Wimberly & Lawson offers supervisory training on sexual harassment, discrimination and other diversity related issues.  This includes reviewing written policies and programs, how to properly investigate and document discrimination and harassment complaints including appropriate discipline, dealing with LGBTQ related issues, and specific advice on how to monitor and avoid harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Union Audit: Starting from $4,900 (depending on size of company and scope of review)

Wimberly & Lawson assists employers dealing with Union negotiations and avoidance.  This includes a history of union organizing in the company’s industry, review of current NLRB rules and policies along with enforcement issues, strategies for dealing with union organizing efforts and elections, reviewing company policies and posters, providing management and supervisory training and preparation for running a counter union campaign.

Healthcare Fixed Fee Compliance Review: Starting from $2,400 (depending on size of company and scope of review)

Wimberly & Lawson’s healthcare audit covers review of health plans and related documents for compliance with Obamacare, advice on future compliance and related issues.  

OFCCP AAP's for Covered Federal Contractors: Starting from $4,900 (depending on size of company and scope of review)

Wimberly & Lawson provides assistance to covered federal contractors in preparing and drafting annual Affirmative Action Programs in compliance with OFCCP regulations.  This includes assisting employers in understanding how to track and retain necessary race, gender, disability and veteran status information for applicants, new hires and current employees.  Wimberly & Lawson then works with employers to complete necessary department, job group and utilization analysis for the company, applicant flow information, along with drafting the final written AAP program.

Form 1-9/E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification: Starting from $2,400 for full day audit (includes written observations and recommendations)

With increased focus by ICE on paperwork audits, it is important for employers to regularly review their employment eligibility verification process and completion of the Form I-9 for newly hired employees.  Wimberly & Lawson’s Employment Verification Audit covers the proper completion and retention of the Form I-9 and use of the E-Verify system with the company’s HR staff and also goes over the important topic of non-discrimination in this process.  This audit includes a sample or complete audit of the company’s Form I-9s with written recommendations for corrections and improvements in the employment eligibility verification process. 

OSHA Audit: Starting from $4,900 (depending on size of company and scope of review)

An OSHA Audit by Wimberly & Lawson includes a physical walk-through the company’s facility and a review of safety programs to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.  This review includes focus on main OSHA standards including record keeping and reporting requirements, hazard communication and labeling, electrical standards, fall protection, lock-out tag-out, process safety management, personnel protective equipment, confined space entry and hearing conservation.

Employee Handbook Audit: Starting from $2,000 (depending on scope of review - can also cover job application review)

It is recommended that employers review and update their employment handbook(s) and policies at least every two to three years to ensure that they are up-to-date and comply with current law.  As part of Wimberly & Lawson’s audit, we will review and make recommendations to the company’s employment handbook ensuring that the policies in the handbook contain adequate Non-Discrimination and Harassment policies, complies with the Family and Medical Leave Act and OFCCP if applicable, provides adequate standards of conduct and discipline procedures, detailed attendance and leave policies compliant with the ADA, discusses new issues surrounding electronic communications and social media, drug free workplace policies, solicitation and distribution along with ensuring adequate employee acknowledgment form and confirmation of at-will employment.

Wage Hour Audit: Starting from $2,400 (depending on size of company and scope of review)

Due to increasing Department of Labor investigations and private Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuits, it is crucial for employers to regularly audit their payroll practices and records to ensure compliance with Federal and State wage and hour laws.  Wimberly & Lawson’s Wage and Hour Audit covers employee classification and overtime exemptions, minimum wage and overtime compliance, recordkeeping, independent contractor and joint employment status, and other related issues.  This audit will allow employers to discover and correct any problems prior to a costly government investigation or private lawsuit.


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