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Webinars: Employment Law "Hot Topics"

Wimberly Lawson is informing people and organizations about labor and employment law topics through a series of free webinars. The live webinars are conducted on the first Friday of every month, at noon EST, and last 45 minutes. Most webinars will be made available on-demand.

They include a discussion of the announced topic, a summary of recent developments in labor and employment law, and a question-and-answer session.

The webinars cover a range of topics, including employee misclassification, overtime issues, sexual harassment, union organizing, employee classification, government inspections, OSHA's heat stress rule, attractive targets for plaintiffs' lawyers, the Fair Labor Standards Act, COVID-19, and harassment victim lawsuit rights. Check out past, on-demand, and upcoming webinars below.

What is 'Hot Topics', the Wimberly Lawson Webinar Series?

The firm is hosting a series of webinars, conducted on the first Friday of every month, at noon EST. The webinars last 45 minutes, and consist of three portions:

  1. Topic of the Month: A discussion of the announced topic;
  2. News of the Month: A brief summary of any critical recent developments in the areas of labor or employment law; and
  3. Q&A: Free question and answer session for those that are participating in the webinar (any subsequent services will be billed in the normal manner).

All of the speakers will be attorneys from Wimberly & Lawson and will be selected based on their areas of expertise, their personal interest in the topic being presented and some might even be “volun-told” presenters.

To participate in this free webinar, including the Q&A session, you'll need to register in advance, as spaces may be limited. To register for an upcoming webinar, simply click the webinar you're interested in, above. Most webinars are made available on-demand within 30 days of the live broadcast date.