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Leave of Absence Policy Considerations – Must Haves, Should Haves & Things to Avoid

Sometimes a leave of absence (LOA) can be a literal lifesaver for an employee, allowing them the latitude to deal with unforeseen events without losing job security. And a solid leave policy also provides security to the employer, and not only as a retention tool. Of course, any such policy needs to be in writing – but what are the considerations that will inform how you design the best LOA policy for your company? Who should be eligible? When should an LOA be granted? How should it dovetail with paid annual leave? With the Family and Medical Leave Act? This 55-minute webinar will help you think through the process, identify your priorities, and guide you through the drafting process, and will be ready to answer your specific questions.

Presented by J. Larry Stine and Elizabeth K. Dorminey.

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Webinar Date: Friday, March 03, 2023
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 12:45 PM
Presenter(s): J. Larry Stine and Elizabeth K. Dorminey
Status: Past Webinar
Venue: Zoom