By J. Larry Stine, Mark A. Waschak, and Elizabeth K. Dorminey This one-volume treatise is the definitive OSHA reference guide. It is an invaluable resource for human resources professionals, safety professionals, attorneys, and safety consultants. Click to learn more and purchase
By James W. Wimberly, Jr. Written for the employment attorney or others encountering employment issues in Georgia. It covers principles found in Georgia statutes and cases, as well as issues not yet addressed by the Georgia courts or legislature. It includes the following topics, Independent contractors, Covenants not to compete, Compensation and bene...
By J. Larry Stine and Les A. Schneider This 3600+ page treatise is the definitive wage and hour reference guide. It is an invaluable resource for human resources professionals, personnel directors, general practitioners, and accountants. Click here to learn more and to purchase
Co-written by one of the firm's senior principals, this 200+ page manual will help companies understand how local governments in Georgia tax companies under the new business tax structure. Click to learn more and purchase
This 180+ page handbook provides a thorough, step-by-step guide to writing, revising, distributing and enforcing your employee handbook.
This 90+ page handbook provides an overview of the issues challenging employers in the emotionally-charged area of sexual harassment. Recent legal developments make it imperative for every employer to recognize potential harassment and address complaints of harassment in a positive and effective manner.
This 70+ page guidebook clearly explains Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations and lists items that should be addressed in any drug and alcohol testing policy.
This 60+ page manual provides a detailed checklist of hiring and termination procedures, personnel policies, employee benefits, and other checklists that will guide employers when conducting an internal audit of their employment policies.
This 30+ page publication clearly explains OSHA's new workplace violence policy guidelines and how to set up a workplace violence prevention program and contains many useful sample policies and forms.
By James W. Wimberly, Jr., Les A. Schneider and Martin H. Steckel.  The first book on this topic in more than 30 years gives construction industry employers, contractors, and their counsel strategies to avoid pitfalls and navigate the unique legal circumstances that define the industry. Contact Wimberly Lawson directly about this book
This 300+ page manual covers virtually every aspect of human resources. It details what today's human resource executive needs to do, should not do, and how to handle complaints from employees. Contact Wimberly Lawson directly about this book

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