2019 Annual Labor Relations & Employment Law Desk Reference

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Keep your workplace knowledge UP-TO-DATE with this excellent guide to the “hot legal topics” you are expected to know as an executive, general counsel, or human resource administrator. This hardbound Desk Reference is written in “everyday” language and includes a  COMPREHENSIVE INDEX for quick answers to difficult questions. In this one handy reference book you will find:

  • DOL Update - Including Overtime Calculations and Joint Employers
  • The Rise of Gen-Z in the Workplace
  • Arbitration, Mediation or Litigation: Know Your Options
  • The Insider’s Look at Litigation and Claims
  • The Incivility of Civilization and Conflict Resolution
  • Navigating Complicated Disability Issues and the ADA
  • “Your Fired!” - The Right Way and the Wrong Way
  • NLRB Update
  • Immigration, E-Verify and I-9
  • Cyber-Security
  • FMLA and Leave Laws
  • Public Employers
  • Developing Trends in Internal Audits
  • Why Boundaries Matter in the Workplace (Harassment)
  • Tips & Traps in Recruiting and Retention
  • Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements, and Class Action Waivers, Including Non-
    Compete and ADEA
  • The Storm on the Horizon: Workplace Retaliation Claims
  • Marijuana, CBD Oil, and Drug Testing
  • LGBTQ+, Religious Liberty and Title VII
  • Nancy Drew ... or Inspector Gadget? Conducting Effective Internal Investigations
  • The Deceptively Dangerous Fair Credit Reporting Act – Including Background Checks, Credit
  • Checks, Criminal Convictions, and Workplace Violence
  • HR 101 – Seven Skills of Effective HR Management
  • FLSA: Wage & Hour Nightmare Scenarios
  • Avoiding the Train Wreck: Proactive Steps to Avoid Bullying
  • Tools for Tempests and Turkeys
  • And much more - 350+ pages of practical knowledge at your fingertips!

This manual is the companion material provided to attendees at our 2019 Labor Relations & Employment Law Update Conference. It is now offered to you on a LIMITED QUANTITY basis. Don’t miss out on this highly-acclaimed Desk Reference. 

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