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Sometimes We Just Have to Talk About It: Navigating New Rules on Religious Accommodation

Join us for an informative webinar where we dive into recent Supreme Court decisions that address the often delicate issue of religious accommodations in the workplace. Gain practical advice on compliance with the law, meeting your employees' needs, and fostering a respectful atmosphere at work.

A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling on June 29, 2023, clarified Title VII requirements, emphasizing the need for employers to accommodate faith-based needs unless it imposes a substantial increase in costs related to their business conduct. This decision modifies the application of the undue hardship test, introducing nuances that employers will need to navigate. Learn more about this evolving standard and its implications.

Key webinar topics include:

  • How does one distinguish between de minimis costs and substantial increased costs?
  • Relevant factors to be considered in making this determination.
  • Is the impact of the accommodations on co-workers still a factor?
  • What type of policy and procedure changes should employers make in light of the ruling?  
  • Will the ruling affect relieving an employee of a certain type work, day or hour of work, the pronouns used in referring to others, and other such controversial issues?
    webinar promo graphic: Religious Accommodations
    Webinar Date: Friday, November 03, 2023
    Start Time: 12:00 PM
    End Time: 12:45 PM
    Presenter(s): J. Larry Stine & Elizabeth K. Dorminey
    Betsy Dorminey
    Larry Stine
    Status: Upcoming Webinar
    Venue: Zoom

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