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A podcast designed for HR professionals and business owners dealing with complex employment law issues. Georgia-based attorney Kathleen Jennings discusses the legal and ethical ramifications that HR professionals and employers face on a daily basis.

Hosted by her favorite brother Thom Jennings, the Cover Your Assets podcast is a companion piece to Kathleen's blog articles.

Please note: the information available on this podcast is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this podcast or any of the e-mail links contained within the show notes do not create an attorney-client relationship between Kathleen J. Jennings and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the hosts.

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E18: Topic Buffet

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In this episode, host Thom Jennings and attorney Kathleen Jennings discuss a smorgasbord of topics from a Reddit post. The topic buffet (since Thom can’t spell or pronounce smorgasbord properly) includes diversity issues in hiring and otherwise, I-9 audits, and the effective use of attorneys in advance of an OSHA inspection. The discussion closes with a ...
interview between a man and woman indoors
In this episode, host Thom Jennings and attorney Kathleen Jennings discuss a Reddit post about a job interview that went terribly wrong. Thom also discusses an inappropriate question he was asked by an interviewer and the pair share some of their usual witty banter at the end of the episode. Read Reddit thread here.
toxic area, fence, outdoors
In this episode of Cover Your Assets-The Labor and Employment Law Podcast, host Thom Jennings and his sister Kathleen Jennings discuss the characteristics of a toxic work environment and how to address it before it becomes a legal issue. Some of the topics discussed include effective utilization of the exit interview process, staying connected with your ...
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In this episode host Thom Jennings and resident expert Kathleen Jennings, discuss employer monitoring of employee communication and employee use of computers for nefarious purposes. In some states, employers are required to notify employees what is being monitored.
woman typing on a laptop on a table next to a cup of coffee indoors
In this episode of the premier labor and employment law podcast, host Thom Jennings and his sister, Attorney Kathleen Jennings discuss employee misclassification and the potential legal ramifications.
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In this spirited episode, host Thom Jennings and his sister, resident expert Kathleen Jennings, discuss a document written by Attorney Martin Steckel about the employee that is most likely to sue their employer.
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In this episode. host Thom Jennings and attorney Kathleen Jennings discuss mental health issues in the workplace and when the ADA and FMLA pertain to each situation. Thom shares another story from his colorful employment history, and the co-hosts also agree that the podcast has become the premier podcast dealing with labor and employment law.
two women interviewing indoors by window
Host Thom Jennings and resident expert Kathleen Jennings welcome their first guest, Thom Jennings Jr. from Selective Staffing solutions. The group discusses job interview best practices, and offers advice on how to avoid a potential legal problem during the interview process.
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Host Thom Jennings and resident expert and attorney Kathleen Jennings discuss when and why employees will record conversations in the workplace. Thom shares a story about when he used a recorded conversation to win an unemployment case, and Kathleen discusses the time when she handled a case involving erotic baked goods.