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a crowd protest
The January 6, 2021 protest in Washington, D.C. raises questions about participation of employees in protests that may turn into riots.  Unlike governmental employers, private businesses have no "free speech" obligations to their employees participating in such protests.  However, other legal issues can arise as to subsequent actions against tho...
money bills washington
The March 2020 CARES Act allows employers to reduce their quarterly federal employment tax deposit obligations in certain situations. One of those is called the Employee Retention Credit, and another is called the Paid Leave Credit. For employers who have claimed, or intend to claim, the employee retention credit or the paid leave credit that were part of...
dark sand
The $900 billion pandemic relief that passed Congress in December was a compromise measure aimed at improving economic recovery. Some of its most important features are as follows: 
biden news article
Many of the Cabinet nominees made by President Biden are veterans of the Obama Administration. The management community is always interested in who is running the Department of Labor (DOL), and the appointment of Boston Mayor Marty Walls is relatively uncontroversial. Walls is an old friend of the President and, like the President, has a reputation as a p...
city of atlanta horizon
As a native Georgian, this writer was surprised at the results of the Georgia run-off elections on January 5, 2021, in which both Democrats won narrow victories over two Republican incumbent U.S. Senators. Many had been saying for the last few years that Georgia was now a purple state, although currently all state office-holders are Republicans, and Repub...
United Auto Workers Settle Massive Union Corruption Issues
The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has settled massive allegations against the United Auto Workers Union (UAW), exposing what federal prosecutors described as a culture of corruption among its leadership built around kick-back schemes, embezzlement and other illegal activities. The investigation has led to 15 convictions and some union members ...
Trump Tries to Push through Final Regulations before Leaving Office
There are a significant number of pending federal regulatory rules that the Administration may try to issue before President Trump leaves office on January 20, 2021. Among the most important is the final rule to make it easier for employers to classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees who are owed minimum wages and overtime pay.
EEOC to Allow Seeking of Opinions on Discrimination Issues
For many years, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has allowed employers to seek official government opinions on various fact situations in determining legal compliance, such as under the Wage/Hour laws. The right to seek advance government opinions on such issues was suspended during the Obama Administration, but reinstated during the Trump Administratio...
More Dreamers to Be Available for Employment
For undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children ("Dreamers"), a new court decision grants a temporary reprieve from deportation. Recently, a federal district court in New York ordered the Trump administration to reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA) program—an Obama-era initiative that has allowed around 646,000 immigrant...
The Logistics of Handling Covid-19 Vaccinations
Early reports indicate that most employers are more likely to use pharmacies and other third-party providers to administer the COVID vaccination. The vaccines from Pfizer require below-zero temperatures, and there are difficulties in keeping up with who got the first of the two shots required and when those workers need their second dose. Thus, man...
Yes or No on Mandatory Covid Vaccination?
Employers want to provide safe work places, and it is to the advantage of both the employer and employees to have a COVID-vaccinated workforce. Thus, the natural question is can I, and should I, require mandatory COVID vaccinations for my employees? 

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